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The power of attraction that an expert has in the job market

Attraction brings the act of attracting, pulling towards you as meaning. In other words, attraction involves feeling, action, empathy and desire.

The desire that the job market has is to attract as many competent, willing, intelligent and above all professionals who can manage conflicts, looking for problem solving . And how to be that professional who attracts good opportunities and is seen by many companies? See the tips below.

Number 1 in searches on Social Networks or recruiters

It is already known to all that good professionals are always in the sights of Headhunters , best known as talent hunters. These hunters are looking for quality professionals and experienced in the market.

Professionals of excellence stand out in the market and consequently draw the attention of other companies. And guess the first place these professionals are sought? If you thought about social networks, you were right! Social networks are in first place in search, mainly LinkedIn which is a social network with a professional focus. There it is possible to identify all the history and activities of the professionals, including certificates, projects, languages ​​and articles. Many recruiters follow the routine of these professionals.

So, if you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, create today, it’s free. The more complete your profile is, the greater the chances of recruiters finding you. Not to mention the possibility of relating to other professionals, being attentive, making new friends, strengthening networking and more.

High titles are occupied by specialists

Studies show that professionals with specialization occupy levels of excellence in large companies, which serve nationally and even internationally , mostly women and in positions such as presidency, vice-presidency and board.

We humans are thirsty and demanding at the same time to always be one step ahead when it comes to knowledge and professional growth. When you finish high school, you must choose which course to take, when you finish in college the process of choosing a Postgraduate, specialization or MBA begins. Some people start a specialization in the last year of college, or directly enter a master’s degree. This is the goal of each one.

The big advantage is that when you are decided on what you want, things flow and you find the right way . Outstanding professionals are those who are always ahead of time . These same professionals have good time and process management.

The secret is to always be improving, because at the right moment the opportunity arrives and you must be prepared for it, if you are not, another professional who has prepared will grab the same.

Professional Competitor

Every professional above average is disputed. So if you want to be on the list of competing professionals, specialize, interact, communicate and appear. There are great professionals on the market who do not see their due value and for this reason are hidden.

When you value yourself as a professional, you seek continuous improvement for your mind and body, recognizing your effort and value in the company where you work, you are already becoming a competitive professional, because the reasons for you to stay in the company they will no longer be related to personal fulfillment, self-confidence and so on.

That’s why successful professionals always remember: Take control of your life, work, study, conquer and recognize your value. When you are at this level, you have just become a prominent and competitive professional in the environment in which you work.

In short, it is worth mentioning that in order to become a great professional and be on the list of the most competitive, effort is necessary, because it doesn’t happen overnight. The first step to start your career is to invest in a Post-Graduation, specialization, MBA and even a Masters who knows, it depends on you.

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