I don’t know which profession to choose

When choosing which profession to follow, it is common to have many doubts. After all, it was years as a student, but now is the time to apply knowledge in practice. The good news is that there are easier ways to find which profession to choose.

The first tip for this hour is that you can change your course and profession in the coming years. It’s a weight that comes off your shoulders, isn’t it? However, it will be much better to hit the first option. So, here are 3 tips to identify which area of ​​expertise is right for you.

3 tips to know which profession to follow

Check out 3 steps to solve the question: which profession should I follow? These are simple techniques, but you will need to put them into action to see the results. Check out!

1. Start by discovering your passions

Did you start analyzing a career thinking about which one has the highest salary? Let’s talk about this. Even if your option is to act on something that pays well, if you don’t really like the area it will be torture to have to study and work in this field every day.

So, the most important step in being happy in your career is to discover your passions. For clarity, see 6 questions asked by coach from High Performance, Paula Abreu, in her book “Passion: How to use it”:

  1. What would I do if I didn’t need money?
  2. What excites me?
  3. What makes me happy?
  4. What would you like to be reminded of?
  5. What do I love to help people with?
  6. What gifts do I have to share with the world?

These answers will be the map for you to reach the profession that best suits your profile.

What is CNCSP? – Reflection :

2. Identify your skills

You may think that this item is similar to the first, but they have differences. You may love watching series, but not knowing how that passion could be a career in the future. So it is important to find your skills. That is, what you are very good at doing.

There are those who are very good at talking to other people, who can pursue careers like journalism or law. Or, who is great with team leadership and can act as a manager. See what your friends and family always praise you for doing.

3. Research the area with students and professionals

Now that you know what you like and what you’re good at, it’s time to list the professions that bring these characteristics together. In the example of the person who is communicative, what would be better: journalism or law? To find that answer, you have to go to the field and investigate.

Then, with the list of careers that fit with your passions and skills, start your search. Watch videos, read articles about these areas and, most importantly, talk to students and professionals who are already in the job market . This will give you a more realistic and practical view.

With these 3 tips, the doubt about which profession to follow will no longer be a problem in your life. As you have seen, more detailed reflection and observation are needed. However, investing in this time of self-knowledge will save years in a course that you do not fit.

For those who have reached the end of the article, there is a bonus tip: visit the job or college you are interested in following. If possible, attend a class in the course. With that, you will feel in your skin how daily life is for each profession.

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