How to reconcile work and studies without losing quality of life?

Working and studying is the reality of most people. Many people need to work and go to college. And yet, soon after, they continue in the study routine for specialization courses.

Therefore, it is essential to create the habit of studying every day to help reconcile work and study, as this is possibly something that will need to be done in the long run. But, it is totally possible, however, it is necessary to create a routine to organize and be productive.

But, is it possible to have quality of life and a healthy lifestyle working and studying?

If you are having trouble with your professional, personal performance, this article is for you! Here are some tips with the attitudes you should have to find quality of life even in the rush of study and work.

Study and work must be divided in your day. Write down everything that needs to be done and set deadlines to meet.

This habit will help you understand which days are busier and which ones can have fun activities.

Focus on the tasks that should be done with priority

Just to illustrate, priority is a task that needs to be done as soon as possible.

Therefore, if, at the beginning of the day, you receive a message asking for a report for the next day’s meeting, this task must pass the others that do not have a defined deadline.

At the moment when tasks accumulate, thinking is taking the job home.

Therefore, this attitude can impair your personal satisfaction. After all, working at the time you should be studying or talking to your family compromises your day.

As complicated as it may seem, it is healthy to separate the personal environment from the workday.

Arriving ahead of time can be very useful, set aside this time to study a little of the previous class, in order to remember what was studied, this helps a lot in memorizing and so you also optimize your time.

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If you have any questions, write down the main points and ask the teacher about that topic.

If you do this every day, there will be no accumulated subject and your learning will reach another level.

In any case, the first few months of college can bring you unexpected additional expenses.

  • Books
  • Transportation
  • Food

These are extra costs that go beyond the monthly fee. Since the study is an investment in your own career, it is essential to have organization in the budget to pay the bills on time, and to have a reserve for moments of leisure.

Another interesting tip is to save part of the money for academic events that may arise during the course. That way, you qualify and have no out-of-budget expenses.

Quality of life at work is also achieved through the moments we love.

Surprisingly, by having time with friends and family you can relieve stress. In fact, in addition to Saturday and Sunday, set aside one day a week to have lunch or dinner with the family.

Reconciling work and studies is already difficult, so you can get comfortable and end up training, this is a mistake, since physical activity gives energy and helps regulate sleep.

Likewise, having a quality of life and health is fundamental. So, set aside half an hour of your day for a light walk or activities that help you relax like pilates, swimming and yoga, they also help to slow down a little bit.

Did you see how you can reconcile your work and study? Best of all, your quality of life can only improve. Invest in yourself!

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